Food allergies can be such a challenging journey to navigate! It wasn’t until the last couple of years that people became more aware of their bodies’ inabilities to process items such as gluten, and it radically changed many people’s health for the better!

If you’re on a similar journey and are looking for inspiration, look no further than these 10 inspiring Pinterest boards filled with gluten free recipes for every palate!

1. The Skinny Fork

Looking for gluten free AND healthy? Amanda from The Skinny Fork does such a great job of creating skinny “healthified,” clean, gluten free and low fat recipes. Her core focus is to take traditional recipes we all love and to slim them down so they can be enjoyed guilt-free!

2. Healthy Blender Recipes

Tess from Healthy Blender Recipes redefines what we commonly refer to as “fast food” –giving it a fresh, healthy, easy and quick twist. As a teenager, Tess was diagnosed with Epstein-Barr virus, a diagnosis that would ultimately transform her eating habits. She set out on a journey to eliminate gluten, dairy and meat and embraced plant-based foods and fish instead. Today, she eats mainly raw foods when its warmer and more cooked foods in the winter. Her site focuses on green alkaline smoothies, juices and soups. All her recipes are gluten free, vegan and blender inspired!

3. Gluten Free on a Shoestring

Let’s be really honest here, gluten free food is not cheap, at least for most of us. Nicole, a former lawyer turned food blogger, dedicates her work to creating budget-friendly gluten free recipes that are affordable and that can feed the whole family. Check out her work on Gluten Free On A Shoestring.

4. Butter and Brioche

Fellow sweet tooths out there? Check out this awesome gluten free dessert board with over 300 recipes ranging from delicious cakes, to chocolate ganache brownies to bourbon cherry pies – the options are endless!

5. Fearless Dining

After her family faced health issues because of gluten, Fearless Dining was left with no choice but to learn how to cook gluten free meals for her family and has been documenting her journey for the past 4 years. As a bonus for readers, her site includes a database of over 650 restaurants in the Bay Area that have safe gluten handling procedures – pure gold!

6. Detoxinista

Any vegans out there? Megan from Detoxinista has an awesome blog filled with gluten free and refined sugar free recipes, many of which are also raw, vegan and Paleo friendly. She has super-helpful how to posts such as how to make homemade almond butter or how to make coconut milk yoghurt – yummy!

7. Udi’s Gluten Free

Looking for the perfect gluten free lunchbox ideas? Check out this board from Udi’s with some delicious, mouthwatering lunchbox ideas that are perfect for the work week!

8. Gluten Free Mama

Awesome community board sponsored by Gluten Free Mama with close to 10,000 pins from Gluten Free Bloggers and the Gluten Free Community.

9. Wicked Spatula

Wicked Spatula does an amazing job of showcasing her gluten free recipes, which are mostly paleo, in easy to follow steps that anyone can replicate!

10. That City Life

Lastly, you can follow my page for latest tips and tricks around eating healthy on a budget and managing your finances. Check out my gluten free board above!

Do you have anymore Pinterest gluten free board favorites? If yes, drop them in the comments below!



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